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The Department was established in 2001 offering Master of science degree in Biotechnology Department joined in the aided stream from 2010


Departmental Library has a collection of 286 books including references and subscribes for 6 journals; Library has a reading room and computers with INFLIBNET access Laboratory facilities include separate molecular biology, plant tissue culture, microbiology and instrumentation laboratory with instruments like PCR, UV-Visible spectrophotometer, Gel doc, Deep freezer, ELISA reader, DNA analyser, Refrigerated centrifuges, Microscopic imaging system, Sonicator, Shaker incubators, Anaerobic jar, vacuum evaporator, and Electrophoresis units.

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Programmes Offered

Master of Science in Biotechnology

Academic Excellence

Extension Activities

Maitreya Through Maitreya Program of the College, students of the Department along with faculty members supported financially one of the member of the Department. Exhibition conducted an exhibition ‘An Insight to Biotechnology Laboratory’ on17th October, 2013. Water quality analysis Water samples from wells of nearby houses and from Govt. water supply lines to various residential colonies in the neighbourhood are analysed for its pH, hardness, COD, BOD and E. coli count.
Retired Faculty
Seminars / Conferences / Workshops
Sl.No Name Role Years
1 Dr Sudha K. Assistant Professor 17 years
2 Dr. Sona S Dev Assistant Professor & Head Of The Department 12
3 Dr.Jini Joseph Assistant Professor 11 years
4 Ligi Lambert D Rosario Assistant Professor 11 years
Sl.No Name Year Phone Number
Sl.No Name Coordinator Funding Agency Date
1 Translational Biotechnology for a Better tomorrow- National Biotechnology Seminar-2014 UGC 3- 4 Sept. 2014
2 ‘Current Scenario in Molecular Biotechnology’ UGC 8-9 July, 2009
Sl.No. Name of Faculty Publications
International National Conference Proceedings Others Total
1 Dr Sudha K. 0 0 3 0 3
2 Dr. Sona S Dev 0 0 1 0 1

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