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The Department was established in 1964 with Pre Degree Batches. Started B.A. Degree in 1967.


The Department library has a collection of 300 books. Internet facility is provided to the staff and the students. The final year class room in the Department is a smart room and in the second year classroom LCD facility is available.

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B. A. Economics Open Course Selected Fundamentals of Economics

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Extension Activities

A visit was organized by the students to Mother Care Rehabilitation Centre, Vadayampady, Kolenchery on 9-01-2015 and handed over a small collection and educational toys to them. The Department took an initiative to lend a helping hand to Nimi P.P. of 1stB.A. Economics who had to undergo an emergency surgery on 11-03-2015 at the Amrita Hospital, Edappally. The staff and students of the Department also extended a helping hand to Abdul Salam of IInd B.Sc. Mathematics, who was seriously injured in an accident. MAITREYA REPORT 2019-2020 • An amount of Rs 5500/ was contributed towards the treatment of Aswathy M B (final year B A Economics student of 2016-19 batch). • Stamp collection – The Department contributed an amount of Rs 650/ towards stamp collection for International White Cane day for the blind. • Flood relief - A total of Rs 4500/ was donated towards the flood relief fund. • Abinshad PJ`s collection – The Department raised a total amount of Rs 67,531/ to meet the medical expenses of Abinshad [IIIrd BA Economics] who met with an accident and suffered critical injuries to his spinal cord. The amount was deposited to Maitreya fund from 26/02/2020-06/03/2020. ******************************************************** 2019-2020 Economics Department Association Activities Reading day was observed in the department on 19th June 2019 to instil the good values of reading among students. A 15 minute silent reading session was followed by book review presentations by the students, ably supported by power point. Book reviews included: • The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari (Robin Sharma) presented by C.R. Vishnupriya (III BA Economics) • DaivathinteCharanmar (Joseph Annamkutty Jose) presented by Akhila Narayanan (III BA Economics) • Choose Yourself (James Altucher) by Alfiya P A (II BA Economics) • Long Walk to Freedom (Nelson Mandela) by Cyrus George Thekkedan (II BA Economics) It was truly a novel and enriching experience for the students of the Department. Reading Awareness Campaign– An outreach programme: The students initiated a one month long Reading Awareness Campaign to inculcate reading habits among the shopkeepers, auto rickshaw and taxi drivers in the nearby locality on 20th June, 2019. They actively participated in the campaign through reading of pamphlets, distributed by the students on the importance of reading. School Espousal The Department beganthis academic year’s social extension activity School Espousal through the distribution of study and sportsmaterials to the students ofKadathy U.P. School Muvattupuzha on 21st June 2019. Reading competition Amrita M S (III BA Economics) gave a presentation on ‘The Significance of Reading’ to motivate the young minds of Kadathy U.P. School Muvattupuzha on 22nd June 2019. A reading competition was also held among themand the winners were given prizes in the presence of Smt. Latha Abraham, School Headmistress. AGFED An agro fair of home - made and home grown organic agro items AGFED 2019 was conducted on behalf of the Department of Economics on 10th July 2019. It was inaugurated by Smt. Anila Varghese, Assistant Professor, Department of History and the fair attracted a massive participation from both the student and teaching fraternity. Economics Association Inauguration The activities of the Economics association for this academic year was officially inaugurated on 8th August, 2019 by Sri. Ajith Kumar R V, Regional Manager, SBI Regional Business Office, Muvattupuzha. Session onBanking Sector Reformswas handled bySri. Jayaraj N R, Chief Manager, SBI Kolenchery. It was followed by an informative session on “New Technological Initiatives in Banking Sector” by Mr.Avin N Mohan, Asst. Manager, SBI Kolenchery. SBI Awards were given to C R Vishnupriya, Basil Thomas and Noora Abdul Rahman for academic excellence. Freshers’ day:The Ist B.A students were given a rousing welcome by the IIIrd and IInd B.A students on 16th August. The Head of the Department Dr. Gigi Elias welcomed them to the economics family. They entertained us with group activities. 15/08/2019 Wyanad-Nilambur Camp Dress Collection and Distribution by our students. Vaichithriya– an exhibition of Socially Useful and Productive Work –An Exhibition onhandicrafts, antiques, teaching aids, herbal plants, craft works and food items was conducted in association with the St. Peter’s Training College on 20thSeptember, 2019 at St. Peter’s Training College. The exhibition was inaugurated by George Edapparathy, District Panchayath member, Ernakulam. The main attraction of the exhibition was the various craft items made from discarded materials like newspapers, plastic bottles, old clothes etc. to spread the message of ‘Reuse and Recycle’ of waste materials.The exhibition was open to students from 11.30 a.m to 4 p.m.(No. of students visited: 63) Onam celebration of physically challenged children- Amritha M.S and Jishnu K.M represented the department at the Onam celebration for the differently abled children organised by ThanalParivar, on 21st September, 2019 at Valakom. The event was marked by a wide participation of differently abled children in different cultural and literary competitions from government schools and special schools in the locality. PTA Meeting 23.09.2019 Lecture on “Human Rights: National Perspective” – Prof.A.K.Varghese, (Retd. Prof., Department of Political Science) delivered a lecture on “Human Rights: National Perspective”on 24/09/2019 for IIIrd B.A students. The session could sensitivize students on the Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policy with special emphasis to the rights of women, children, minorities and prisoners in India. (No. of studentsattended : 38) PTA Meeting 24.09.2019 Felicitation for Dr. Renu Susan Samuel and Samuel P Sunny – The Department felicitated Dr. Renu Susan Samuel for receiving her Ph.D in Ecconomics on the topic “The Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on the Banking Sector Performance: A Case study of HDFC bank”. Samuel P Sunny was felicitated for winning a gold medal in the ThalSainik Camp conducted by NCC at New Delhi. Dr. Gigi Elias congratulated them for their remarkable feat and presented them with mementos. Lecture on “Human Rights: Meaning, concept and Development” – A second in Two series lecture on Human Rights was given by Dr. Basil P. Mathew, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science on 15/10/2019. The session was an eye opener on Human Rights and its value dimensions.(No. of students attended: 32) Environmental Sensitization–An one and a half hour awareness class on ‘Environmental Crises’ was conducted by the students of the Department at Kadathy U.P School on 28/11/19 to create awareness among young minds on the dangers faced by humanity due to the recurrent occurrence of environmental crises. The students, making an effective use of video power point presentations conducted a Quiz completion too on the same topic. Industrial visit- Students were taken for an industrial visit to two MSMEs in the vicinity of Kolenchery, namely KPP Industries and PKM Fine Foods and Spices Pvt. Ltd. They got a first hand experience about the process of cardboard making, manufacturing of fresh sauce, jams, curry paste and pickles and the packaging procedures. Sixteen students and two teachers attended. Hands on training programme on COLS – The Department of Economics, Department of Bio technology and St. Peter’s Training College, in collaboration with Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists of Malanad City branch organised a hands on training session on Compression Only Life Support (COLS) on 06.12.2019. The session was formally inaugurated by Sri. Eldo Abraham, MLA Muvattupuzha. The ISA team consisting of Dr. Mathew Mathai, Dr.Manjit George and Dr.RenjuNinan spoke on the significance of COLS and how it differs from CPR. A demonstration and training session followed which was attended by around 100 students. They acquired the basic skill to perform COLS in case of an emergency. Kadayiruppu hospital food distribution on 04.12.2019 Visit to BUDS special school - In connection with the International Day for People with Disability, students of IInd BA Economics visited BUDS school Kizhakkambalam on06.12.2019.Theyspent productive time with the differently abled students and distributed colour books and crayons. Learning by doing to beat the plastic menace -A team of 30 students of IInd BA Economics initiated a plastic collection program in association with PoothrikkaPanchayat on 10.12.2019.The students, with the permission of the Panchayatcollected plastic waste from the residents and helped the authorities in sorting out the plastic waste. (300 Houses) Alumni Meetings- 12th and 26th January 2020. Christmas celebration at Old Age Home - The Department of Economics celebrated Christmas on 20th December, 2019 with the inmates of Sarana Old Age home at Kadayiruppu. The festive spirit of the season was brought alive by the carols sung by teachers, students and the inmates. Excellenza Eco Cup 2k20- The Department of Economics in association with the Department of Physical Education conducted an inter – department football tournament Excellenza Eco Cup 2k20 for the Ever Rolling Trophy on February 11th and 10th 2020. Twelve teams participated in the two day event, which was kicked off by the College Principal Dr. Shaju Varghese. Ever Rolling Trophy Economics lifted the Ever Rolling Trophy beating the Department of Physics. Former international football player and Santhosh trophy coach, Sri. M.M Jacob (Central Excise and Customs Department) honoured the valedictory function with his presence and distributed cash prizes and trophies to the winners. (No. of students attended: 300).
Retired Faculty
Seminars / Conferences / Workshops
Sl.No Name Role Years
1 Dr.Gigi Elias Assistant Professor & Head Of The Department 23 years and 5 months
2 Piya Mathew Assistant Professor 11
3 Dr. Renu Susan Samuel Assistant Professor 8.5 years
Sl.No Name Year Phone Number
1 Prof. K.C. Peter (L) 1971-1973 --
2 Prof. P.T.Thomas (L) 1969-1980 0484-2731124
3 Prof. K.P.Paulose (L) 1964-1989 --
4 Prof. T.A.Paul 1964-1994 9895100877, 0484-2425711
5 Prof. V.P.Varghese 1969-1996 9446558789, 0484-2307147
6 Prof. Baby John T. 1969-2000 9387605225, 0484-2787384
7 Prof. Elizabeth Koruth 1971-2001 9847769262, 0471-3244060
8 Prof. George K. Issac 1982-2010 9447460511, 0484-2763733
9 Prof. V.K.George 1983-2012 9496339144, 0485-2824126
Sl.No Name Coordinator Funding Agency Date
1 “Agriculture and Sustainable Growth With Special Reference to Kerala” Dr. Gigi Elias UGC 17th & 18th September 2015
Sl.No. Name of Faculty Publications
International National Conference Proceedings Others Total
1 Dr.GIGI ELIAS 0 6 0 0 6
2 Dr. Renu Susan Samuel 1 2 0 1 4

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