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The Department was established in 1964 Started B.A. Malayalam Degree Course in 1967.


The Department library has a collection of 750books. The Department has a computer lab with internet facility. LCD projectors are used in the class rooms.

Programme Outcome, Programme Specific Outcome, Course Outcome


Programmes Offered

B.A Malayalam with Kerala Culture and Sanskrit as subsidiaries Open Course Selected പത്രപ്രവര്‍ത്തനം : അടിസ്ഥാനതത്ത്വങ്ങള്‍ (Pathrapravarthanam : Adisthanathathuangal)

Academic Excellence

Miss. Jyothi K.Vijayan was placed in the in the 2nd Rank in B.A Malayalam Degree Examination, March 2008.

Extension Activities

An awareness programme ‘LalitaSamskrita’ was arranged for the public, staff and students during 2012-13. Conducted an AksharaSloka class for students & teachers in 2013 by VadavukoduVelayudan for one month. A.Maitreya Alumini members of Malayalam Department (1986-89 batch)collected afund to provide financial help for their physically disabled friend Sarakkutty. The fund is deposited in the St. Peter’s College Staff Co-operative Society and arrangements were made for her to avail interest of the amount. The Department instituted Bibin V.T Family Welfare Fund and deposited Rs 240000 which was mobilised from their alumni and the public. The fund is deposited in the College Staff Cooperative Society at 10% and the interest is given to his family every month, through SBI, Kolenchery. B.Association Activities KeezhillamUnniKrishnan and team performed folk Art ‘Mudiyettu’ on 20-03-2013. Conducted an AksharaSloka Sadass by a group of eminent professionals on 14-02-2013. One day seminar was conducted by Dr. Prof. B. Revikumar, NSS College Changanacherry tointroduce the Folk-art named ‘Bhairavikkolam ’in 2013. Conducted a ‘SARGASAMVADAM’by Priyanandan,Film Director in Malayalam Film Industry and JayakumarChengamanad (poet) on13-01-2014. Arkhya’ The folk theatre from Kolkata performed a play ‘Oorubhangam’and another art ‘Pandavani’ on 3rd March 2014. Under the supervision of the teachers the students bring out wall papers like –(Chuvarpathrika)-Kathir,Perumpara,Dwaniand manuscript magazine –Anjali Conducted a Class on Gandhism by Prof. Dr. M.P. Mathai, in association with ‘SasthraSahithyaparikshath’ on 10thFebruary, 2014.
Retired Faculty
Seminars / Conferences / Workshops
Sl.No Name Role Years
1 Dr.Sajeev S Assistant Professor & Head Of The Department 18 yeras
2 Sreenivasan.K Assistant Professor 18 years
3 Dr Bindumol B Assistant Professor 9 Years
4 Dr. Bincy Dominic Assistant Professor 4 Years
Sl.No Name Year Phone Number
1 Prof.P.K.Issac(D) 1964-1987 0484-2525432
2 Prof.K.T.Thomas(D) 1967-1993 0484-2760606
3 Very Rev.K.P.Geevarghese Cor-Episcopa (D) 1970-1993 0484-2760540
4 Prof.M.Y.Yohanna (Retd.Principal) 1964-1997 9446449889
5 Prof.Varghese.S.Nedumthallil 1969-1999 9447478949, 0485-2207349
6 Prof.K.K.Jose 1970-2000 9495061076, 0484-2319248
7 Prof.S.Thankappan Nair (D) 1971-2000 0471-2222587
8 Prof.C.J.Varghese (D) 1970-2002 0484-2787340
9 Prof.T.C.Philip (D) 1971-2002 0484-2761276
10 Dr.Paul.V.Varghese 1988-2016 9447294454, 0484-2960008
11 Dr,Mary.N.K 1990-2017 9447061945, 0484-2760646
Sl.No Name Coordinator Funding Agency Date
1 National Seminar on Folk, Contemporary & Classic Theatre U G C 24- 26 Feb. 2014
Sl.No. Name of Faculty Publications
International National Conference Proceedings Others Total
1 Sreenivasan.K 1 0 0 0 1
2 DR BINDUMOL B 0 0 0 1 1
3 Dr. Bincy Dominic 1 3 0 0 4

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