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The Department was established in 1964. Started B.Sc. Degree in 1967. Post graduate course in Mathematics was sanctioned in 1984. The Department was approved as a Research Centre under the MG University in 2012.


The Department library has a collection of 729 books. Internet facility is provided for the staff & students of the Department. The Dept. has 21 computers & 4 printers.

Programme Outcome, Programme Specific Outcome, Course Outcome

PG 2018-2019

UG 2018-2019

PG 2019-2020

UG 2019-2020

PG 2020-2021

UG 2020-2021

Programmes Offered

B.Sc. Mathematics M.Sc. Mathematics Coursework for the Ph.D. Programme. Open Course Offered: Applicable Mathematics

Academic Excellence

* Our students, Bisna Mary Eldo and Merlin Mariya Eldho qualified Joint Admission Test for M.Sc. (JAM). * Merlin Mariya Eldho of B.Sc. Mathematics scored 600/600 marks in the VI Semester B.Sc. Degree (CBCS) Examination, March 2020 and secured tenth position in B.Sc. Degree (CBCS) Examination, March 2020. * Two research scholars of our department, Salini S. Nair and Rejitha K.R. were awarded Ph. D. from Mahatma Gandhi University. * Aleena Joy and Anjitha Radhakrishnan bagged third and fourth position respectively in M.Sc. Examination, May 2019.

Extension Activities

A. Under Maitreya scheme Rs- 41,310 was raised by students and faculty of the Department the amount of which is used to help deserving students.The beneficiaries of this programme during the year 2014-15 are as follows Ajay P. John ( II B. A. Politics) Reshma K.R. (III B.Sc. Mathematics) Dhanya P.S.(III B.Sc. Mathematics) Amal Mohanan (II B.Sc. Mathematics) Keerthi E.A. (II B.Sc. Mathematics) Nimi P.P. ( I B.A. Economics) Abdul Salam P.M.C. (II B.Sc. Mathematics ) Abdul Salam P.M.C. (II B.Sc. Mathematics ) B.Noon meal / Charity programme Funds are raised quarterly from among the students in rotation. Students of various classes visit orphanages accompanied by their tutors in charge, handover the collected amount and interact with the inmates.
Retired Faculty
Seminars / Conferences / Workshops
Sl.No Name Role Years
1 Dr. Annie Varghese Associate Professor And Head Of The Department 27 years 6 months
2 Dr. K. P. Jose Associate Professor 25 years
3 Dr. Anu V. Assistant Professor 16 years
4 Dr. Salini S. Nair Assistant Professor 15 years and 2 months
5 Dr. Jaya Paul Assistant Professor 7 years 4 months
Sl.No Name Year Phone Number
1 Prof. K.K. George (D) 1964-1987 0484-2760726
2 Prof. M.K. Mani 1965-1997 9447815771, 0484-2108485
3 Prof. C. T. Paulose (D) 1968-1994 0484-2760979
4 Prof. M. Yacob (D) 1969-1998 0484-2767245
5 Prof. K. A. Molly 1969-2001 9495506847, 0485-2832965
6 Prof. Omana Varghese 1970-2002 9446490808, 0484-2760526
7 Dr. Mercy K. Jacob 1985-2006 9446353762, 0484-2303762
8 Prof. A. K. Narayanan Elayath 1978-2008 9446741587, 0485-2207516
9 Dr. Thampy Abraham 1985-2017 9447379044, 0484-2760763
10 Smt.Sophia Joseph 1985-2017 9447190911, 0484-2301601
11 Dr. Raji George 1988-2020 9947451701, 0484-2760121
Sl.No Name Coordinator Funding Agency Date
1 Stochastic Finance, Markov Chains and Fuzzy Medical Diagnosis St.Peter’s College Trust 10th Feb. 2011
2 Stochastic modelling and Neural Fuzzy systems St.Peter’s College Trust 7th Jan. 2013
3 Applied Probability,Graph Theory &Fuzzy Mathematics DST, KSCSTE 11-14th Jan. 2014
4 Stochastic Finance, Fuzzy decision theory UGC 15-17th March, 2012
5 Chaos and Fuzzy Mathematics St.Peter’s College Trust 21st Feb. 2009
6 Matrix Analytic Method & Fuzzy Decision Theory St.Peter’s College Trust 25th Feb. 2010
7 Queues and Graphs St.Peter’s College Trust 2015
Sl.No. Name of Faculty Publications
International National Conference Proceedings Others Total
1 Dr. Salini S. Nair 1 0 0 0 1

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