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The Department was established in 1964. Started B.Sc. Zoology Degree in 1967.


The Department library has a collection of 100 books and subscribes for-2 journals. Department has a well equipped and spacious lab. Zoology Lab Zoology Museum

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Programmes Offered

B.Sc. Zoology Core with Botany and Chemistry as Complimentary Zoology Complimentary for Botany Students. Open Course Selected Vocational zoology (Management of ornamental fish breeding, Rabbit farming, Quail farming, Vermiculture, Bee keeping and Sericulture) Vocational subjects offered Applied entomology, Management of ornamental fish breeding, Vermiculture and Bee keeping.

Academic Excellence

Extension Activities

1.Organized a workshop on Meliponiculture’ to housewives of Poothrikka Panchayt and Aikkaranad Grama Panchayt in 2013 2.A study on Seafood Contamination was carried on by collecting fish samples from nearby markets 3.A study was conducted on the occurrence and prevalence of diseases among domestic animals such as cows, goats, etc. Intestinal parasitic infections in goat populations in the nearby villages of Thammanimattam (2008-2009), Thrikkalathoor (2011-2012) and Airapuram (2013-2014) were studied. 4.Conducted study on clinical and subclinical mastitis among the bovine population in and around Thripunithura in 2014-15.
Retired Faculty
Seminars / Conferences / Workshops
Sl.No Name Role Years
1 Dr.Arun.A.U Assistant Professor 16
2 Dr. Susha, T.K. Associate Professor And Head Of The Department 16 years
Sl.No Name Year Phone Number
1 Prof. Raju Kurian 1964-1977
2 Prof. Rebecca Cherian 1971-1992 0485-2241131
3 Prof. M.V. Paulose 1966-1994 9846120324; 0484-2680448
4 Prof. K.V Baby 1969-1998 9656260525; 0484-2760527
5 Prof. M.A John 1969-1998 9447294510; 623813771
6 Prof. N.K. Rajan 1971-2001 9847796102; 0484-2730073
7 Prof. K.J Valsa 1969-2002 9447165568; 0484-2305570
8 Dr. T.P. Varghese 1978-2003 9447047275; 0485-2277071
9 Smt. Saramma M Mathew 1987-2016 9446956427; 0484-2525737
10 Dr. Jagannadh V. 2002-2020 7306628983; 9447661395
Sl.No Name Coordinator Funding Agency Date
Sl.No. Name of Faculty Publications
International National Conference Proceedings Others Total
1 Dr. Susha, T.K. 0 0 0 1 1

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