Department of Botany
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  • The Department was established in 1964
  • Started B.Sc. Degree in 1967.
  • Postgraduate course in Botany was sanctioned in 1982.
  • The Department was approved as a Research Centre under the MG University in 2008.

Programmes offered

  • B.Sc. Botany with Zoology and Chemistry as subsidiaries and
  • M.Sc. Botany (Elective-Applied Microbiology).
  • Coursework for the Ph.D Programme.

Open Course Selected

  • Agribased microenterprises


  • Sri. Abraham Mathew(HOD)
  • Dr. Manju M.R
  • Dr. Benoj Mathew
  • Dr. Abraham Mathew
  • Dr. Sindu N
  • Dr. Vimal Mohan
  • Smt. Remya G Nair
  • Sri. Gin Alexander

List of Retired Faculty

Prof. T.K Joshua (Principal) 1965-1995 D
Prof. T.V Paulose 1969-1997 0484-2730027
Prof. K.P Joseph 1967-1998 0484- 2760529
Prof. Remany P. Joseph 1968-2001 0484-2316878
Prof. K. Pappachan 1969-2002 9495604161
Prof. K.P. Vimala 1971-2002 0484-2730073
Prof. Leelamma George 1971-2002 0484-2760999
Dr. Abi N. Eldo 1978-2010 0484- 2747582
Prof. Annie Varkey 1981-2011 0484-2761638
Dr. M.R. Malathy 1983-2012 0484 - 2686092
Prof. Molly A.G. 1981-2014 0484- 2747582
Dr. Lissy K.P 1983-2015

Research Projects Undertaken

  1. Major Projects -Nil

  2. Minor Projects

SL.NO. Name of the Project Name of Faculty Funding agency Grants Received (Rs) Status of work
1 Root module development in Vigna sinensis in relation to Carbofuran biodegradation and a comparative study on the efficiency of Rhizobium and Pseudomonas on Carbofuran biodegradation Dr. Benoj Mathew UGC 49000 Completed
2 In-vitro propagation of Rauwolfia serpentina through somatic embryogenesis and bud proliferation in explants sourced from mature plants Abraham Mathew UGC 60000 Completed
3 Studies on Mycorrhizal technology in Zingiber officinale Rosc. to enhance essential oil and oleoresin content Dr. Malathy M.R. UGC 45000 Completed
4 Screening and characterization of thermostable siderophore producing Pseudomonas strains from soil; their biocontrol potential against some foliar fungal pathogens. Molly A.G. UGC 35000 Completed
5 Biodegradation of industrial effluents using Micro algae Spirulinaplatensis and its reuse as bio fertilizer. Dr. Manju M.R. UGC 88000 Completed
6 Sodium chloride, 2,4-D and urea induced physiological and biochemical changes in Azolla pinnata Dr. Benoj Mathew UGC 2,00,000 Completed
7 Assessment of environmental risk and pollution load from pulp and paper mill industry and its abatement through phytoremediation Dr. Manju M.R. UGC 1,80,000 Ongoing
8 Evaluation of Dark Septate Endophytes as Plant growth promoting microflora Dr. Abraham Mathew UGC 1,50,000 Ongoing


  1. Research Guides

    • Dr. Abi N Eldo
    • Dr. Manju M.R
    • Dr. Benoj Mathew

  2. Details of research

  3. Sl.No Name of the Guide Topic of Research Names of Scholars Date of Joining the Centre
    1 Dr. Abi N. Eldo In vitro culture and developmental studies in CinnamomumverumPresl and CinnamomumcassiaBracht and Presl. Abraham Mathew 22.07.2009
    2   Bioactive compounds from bryophytes of Idukki district, Kerala Gin Alexander 01.01.2015

Board of Studies

Dr. Manju M.R. is a member of the PG Board of Studies of MG University.

Additional training programme for students

Sl No. Name of seminar/workshop/conference/ sensitization programme Date Source of funding
1 Flower arrangement
27-03-2008 Department
2 Tissue culture techniques 02-12-2009 ,,
3 Techniques in Flower arrangement 04-05-2010 ,,
4 Technique of mushroom cultivation 19-10-2011 ,,
5 Vegetative Propagation 11-08-2011 ,,
6 Bioinformatics-prospects and challenges 22-08-2012 ,,
7 Flower arrangement 07-12-2012 ,,
8 Propagation and manuring of orchids 22-01-2013 ,,
9 Scientific methods of Plant Propagation 25-03-2013 ,,
10 How to cultivate mushrooms in home 27-03-2013 ,,
11 Seminar on Promotion of Social forestry- ‘Nakshathra Vanam’ 30-09-2013 Department of Forestry Extension, Kerala
12 Exhibition on Local medicinal plants –‘Oushadaloka’ 21-11-2013 Department
13 Mushroom cultivation- a source of additional income 23-12-2013 ,,
14 Poster competition- ‘Save Earth’(sensitization pro) 28-02-2014 ,,
15 Essay writing competition on Environmental protection (sensitization pro) 5-06-2014 ,,
16 Planting trees and providing planting materials (sensitization pro) 5-06-2014 ,,
17 Ozone day celebration and planting trees as part of social forestry 16-08-2014 KSCSTE, Govt. of Kerala
18 All Kerala Intercollegiate MSc project presentation competition 18-10-2014 Kerala Botanical Society
19 Talk on Identification of Mushrooms 8-12-2014 ,,


List of Publications during the 3rd Cycle of Accreditation

Sl.No. Name of Faculty Publications Total
International National Conference
1 Dr. Abi N. Eldo 2 6   8
2 Smt. Annie Varkey   1   1
3 Dr. Malathy M.R. 1 2   3
4 Smt. Molly A.G. 2 5   7
5 Dr. K.P. Lissy   5   5
6 Dr. Manju M.R.   4 1 5
7 Dr. Benoj Mathew 1 2   3
8 Dr. Abraham Mathew 6 8 2 16
9 Dr. Sindu N.   6   6
10 Dr. Vimal Mohan 5 3   6
Total 17 42 3 8

Academic Excellence

Sl. No. Name Programme Rank Year
1 Abraham Mathew M.Sc. I 2006
2 Remya Krishnan M.Sc. III 2007
3 Soumya M.N. M.Sc. III 2008
4 Farzana K.N. M.Sc. IV 2009
5 Anumol E.K. M.Sc. II 2012

Extension Activities

SL.NO. Activity Locality Beneficiary Year
1 Assessment of pollution rates in various industrial discharges and publication of the results so as to inculcate the society about the impact of pollution Ernakulam Society 2013
2 Conservation of biological diversity through active participation of local people- Documentation and encouragement for plant richness in ecosystem Kolenchery Society 2014
3 Ethnobotanical Survey for conserving and augmenting contemporary and traditional knowledge Wattawada, Western Ghats. Tribals, society 2012
4 Medicinal Plants Exhibition and sale for conserving and promoting medicinal plant diversity St. Peter’s College, Kolenchery Students and the public. 2013
5 Medical camp for determining blood sugar level and blood group determination Idukki Tribals 2013
6 Blood group determination as part of Woman’s Day St. Peter’s College, Kolenchery Students 2013
7 Mushroom cultivation training to teachers, students and locals for self employment and additional earnings Kolenchery Teachers, students, locals 2013
8 Training for plant propagation techniques. Kolenchery The staff, students and the public. 2013
9 Supply of saplings in association with the NSS Unit. Kolenchery Society 2013
10 Restructuring of the Herbal garden in Centre for Science in Society, CUSAT Centre for Science in Society, CUSAT CUSAT 2014
11 Delivered a series of lectures related to popularization of tissue culture technology- Project of KSCSTE by NKGRCAS
Higher secondary Schools in Kottayam District
Students 2013
12 Seminar on Promotion of Social forestry- ‘Nakshathra Vanam’ St. Peter’s College Students, teachers 2013
13 Mushroom cultivation- a source of additional income Kudumbasree unit- kadayiruppu Kudumbasree women 2013
14 Medicinal Plants Exhibition and sales St. Peter’s College, Kolenchery Students and the public. 2014
15 Planting trees and providing planting materials St. Peter’s College Students, teachers 2014
16 Ozone Day celebrations and planting trees as part of social forestry St. Peter’s College
Students, teachers 2014

Association Activities

  • Seminar on “Bioinformatics, prospects and challenges” by Dr. Vidhya Ram swami chairperson of an NGO Organization, INCITE Trivandrum.
  • Ethnobotanical Awareness Programme “ in SwamiyralakudyWattawada Panchayath, Idukki District
  • Exhibition “Oushodhoulsav” was conducted in 2013.
  • Medical camp was organized in Swamiyralakudy WattawadaPanchayath, Idukki District
  • Awareness class on “how to cultivate mushrooms in their houses” 2013.


  • The Department library has a collection of 220 books and subscribes for15 different journals
  • One of the class rooms in the Department is a smart class.


Research Lab Tissue Culture Lab M.Sc. Lab Algal Lab Micro Biology Lab
  • The Botanical garden of the Department has valuable collection of rare and medicinally important plants.

Image Gallery

Oushadaloka- Exhibition on medicinal plants - 2013 Oushadaloka- Exhibition on medicinal plants - 2013 MSc Study Tour –Marine Algal Collection 2015 MSc Study Tour –Marine Algal Collection 2015 Ecology study tour -2014 (Eravikulam National Park) Research highlights – antibacterial activity of Isolation of freshwater micro algae bark extract of Litsea travancorica Mushroom Cultivation Mushroom Cultivation Medical Camp Seminar on Scientific Methods of  Plant Propagation