Department of Chemistry
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  • The Department was established in 1964.
  • Started B.Sc. Degree in 1967.

Programmes Offered

  • B.Sc.ChemistrywithPhysics and Mathematics as subsidiaries Choice based course- Nano Chemistry

Open Course Selected

  • Food Science


List of Retired Faculty

Dr P. K. Joy ( Founder HOD) 1964- 1972 8547442907
Prof. S.P.S.Subramanian 1965-1999 080-26483190
Prof. Mathew Abraham 1967-1999 0473-5223360
Prof.M.M. Varkey 1968-1999 - D 0484 -2653333
Prof. Jacob Kurian 1971-1999 0473-2621655
Prof. Jose Kurian 1967-2000 0484-2348687
Prof. P.E Paulose 1968 – 2000 9400558767
Prof. P.V. Jacob 1969-2000 D
Prof. V. I. Saramma 1970-2000 0481-2517899
Prof. Sudhamoniamma 1978-2001 0484-2317513
Prof. K.E Achamma 1971- 2002 94960661823
Prof. Lalu M.P. 1979-2012 9895036245
Prof. SimuluKunjoonju 1979-2013 9447987465
Prof. AniKorah 1980-2010 9495792806

Research Projects Undertaken

Minor Projects undertaken

SL.NO. Name of Project Name of Faculty Funding Agency Grants Received (Rs) Status
1 Synthesis and studies of some novel triangulenium cations and their photo physical studies Dr. Dileesh S. UGC 1,10000 Ongoing
2 Polyainiline -Natural rubber composites for pressure sensing applications Smt. Teena Thomas UGC 2,00,000 Ongoing



Sl.No Name Date &Year Source of Fund Amount
1 Flavours to Wellness – an Approach Through Spice Chemistry September 30- October 1 2014 UGC 1,45,000


List of publications during the 3rd cycle of Accreditation

Sl.No. Name of Faculty Publications Total
International National Conference
1 Gean A, Varghese 1 1 1 2
2 Dr. Dileesh S 3 9 0 12
3 Dr. Sindhu Issac 5 0 0 5
4 Teena Thomas 1 1 1 3
Total 10 11 2 23

Extension Activities

  1. To motivate and encourage the students and teachers chemistry Department has taken initiative in forming Agri club and created intrest in vegetable garden in college and home.
  2. Food science exhibition is conducted to give an opportunityto students their talents in cooking to show their talents in cooking and make an awareness in food science.
  3. On Chemistry day students present various cultural programmes.
  4. The Department started a Golden Jubilee Students Aid Fund to give students a helping hand when needed
  5. Energy Audit in association with Encon Club creates awareness about the energy crisiswe are facing
  6. Department releases a manuscript magazine Thanmatra(by chemistry students) and Little chef ( by open course students)


  • The Department library has a collection of 300 books and subscribes 2 journals.
  • Department library is well equipped and spacious.
  • Internet facility is available for staff and students.
  • Smart class room for final B.Sc.


  • Dr P.K. Joy endowment award

Image Gallery

Agri club activities Thanmatra manuscript magazine release Motivation seminar by organised by Chemistry association (2014) Food Fest Inauguration by Sri. C.V Jacob.(Secretary, St. Peter’s College Trust). Chemistry Day Inaugration National SeminarInaugration by Hon.Vice Chancellor Dr. Babu Sebastian.