Department of Commerce
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  • 1981 : The Department was established with B.Com. Degree Course.
  • 1995 : Upgraded with a Post Graduate programme with Specialization in Finance.
  • 2010 : Approved as a Research Centre under MG University.
  • 2014 : Started Course work for the Ph.D. research scholars.
  • 2015 : The First Research Scholar of the Research Centre, Helaney M.Y, HOD of the Department was awarded Ph.D.

Programmes Offered

  • B.Com. Degree with Finance and Taxation.
  • M.Com. Degree in the Finance Stream.
  • Coursework for the Ph.D Programme.

Open Course Selected

  • Capital Market and Investment Management


  • Dr. Venugopalan K.V, M.Com., MBA, Ph.D(HOD)
  • Associate Professor 1996-01-23
  • Dr. Reji. M.A, M.Com., M.Phil, Ph.D
  • Principal 1995-11-08
  • Prof.Jory Mathai
  • Retired on 31-03-2010 1983-06-01
  • Retired on 31-03-2004 1983-06-01
  • Prof.K.I.Mathew
  • Principal(Rtd)..............(D) 1981-06-01
  • Dr.Swapna Kurian, M.Com., M.Phil, Ph.D
  • Guest Lecturer 2018-01-05
  • Smt.Anna Gigi Eloor, M.Com
  • Guest Lecturer 2017-09-19
  • Smt.Ambily.T.Chacko, M.Com., MBA
  • Guest Lecturer 2017-09-19
  • Smt. Kanmony Varghese, M.Com., MBA, B.Ed.
  • Assistant Professor 2014-06-02
  • Dr. Sreeja Sukumar K., M.Com., B.Ed., Ph.D
  • Assistant Professor 2008-08-28
  • Dr.Mathew Jacob, M.Com., Ph.D
  • Assistant Professor 2002-01-01
  • Dr. John K. Mathew, M.Com., Ph.D
  • Associate Professor 1996-08-14
  • Dr. Santha S. M.Com., Ph.D
  • Associate Professor 1996-06-10
  • Dr.Helaney.M.Y
  • Retired on 31-03-2015 1983-06-01

List of Retired Faculty

Prof. K.I. Mathew (Principal) 1981-2000
Prof.K.A.Baby 1983-2004
Prof.Jory Mathai 1982-2010
Dr. Helaney M.Y 1983-2015

Research Projects Undertaken

Sl.No: Name of the Project Name of the Researcher. Year Funding Agencies Grants Received (Rs)
1 A survey on ‘Socio-Economic Status of Dwellers in the ward IV & V of Aikkaranade Gram Panchayat, Ernakulam, Kerala. Department.
Principal Investigators:
Dr. Santhosh Kumar S.&
Helaney M.Y.
2012 UGC 40,000

  1. Major Projects

  2. Sl.No: Name of Project Name of Faculty Funding Agency Grants Received fom UGC (Rs) Status
    1 Role of Specialized Financial Institution in the Industrial Development of Kerala Dr.Venugopalan K.V. 2009 217000 Completed
    2 Role of Pain and Palliative Care Units in the Community Development- a Study with Special Reference to Kerala State. Dr. Santha S. 2009 479200 Completed
    3 Micro Credit and Economic Empowerment of Women in Kerala. Dr. Santhosh Kumar S. 2009 219000 Completed

  3. Minor Projects

  4. Sl.No: Name of Project Name of Faculty Funding Agency Grants Received from UGC (Rs) Status
    1 Women Empowerment Through SHGs in Kerala. Dr.Reji M.A. 2011 60000 Completed
    2 Microcredit Dispensation Models for the Effective Self Employment of Women in Kerala. Dr. Santhosh Kumar S. 2007-08 50000 Completed

  5. Ongoing projects

  6. SL.NO Name of Project Name of the Investigator Funding Agency Grants Received (Rs)
    1 Micro Credit and Micro Insurance Through Self –Help Groups for Sustainable Rural Development of Kerala (Minor Project) Dr. Venugopalan K.V. UGC 1,10,000
    2 Rural Women Micro Enterprises in Kerala – A Financial Evaluation (Minor project) Dr. SreejaSukumar K UGC 1,05,000


  1. Research Journal

  2. The Post Graduate and Research Department of Commerce publishes Commerce Spectrum, a Double Blind Peer Reviewed Half-Yearly Journal under the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN 2321 – 371X). The Editorial Board consists of three faculty members from foreign universities, four from different universities in other States in India and seven from other universities in the State of Kerala. The Journal is annotated in the New Journals section of the Annotated Listing of New Books Department of the March 2014 issue of the Journal of Economic Literature (JEL), American Economic Association Publications. It is also indexed in the data base of Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID), New Delhi.

  3. Research Scholarship

  4. Dr. Santhosh Kumar S was awarded Post-Doctoral Fellowship by the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) in 2013. The fellowship was awarded for two years for undertaking the research work, Financial Management of Rural Women Micro Enterprises (RWMEs) in Kerala.

  5. Research Guides

    • Dr. Reji. M.A
    • Dr. Venugopalan K.V
    • Dr. Santha S.
    • Dr. Santhosh Kumar S.

  6. Details of research guidance

  7. Name of the Supervising Teacher Research Topic Name of Scholar Date of Joining the Centre
    Dr. Reji M.A Entrepreneurship Development Programme in Kerala- A Comparative Study Between MSME Development Institute and KITCO Prasanth. A.P 4.06.2012
    A Study on Occupational Stress Among the Employees in the Private Sector Life Insurance Companies in Kerala. Ramisha. K.C 4.06.2012
    Role of SEBI in Investor Protection- A Study with Special Reference to Kerala. Santhosh. T.R 25.03.2013
    A Study on Job Satisfaction of Employees in New Generation Banks in Kerala. Syamlal. T.L 25.03.2013
    Problems and Working Conditions of Women Employees in Public and Private Sector Textile Industries in Kerala. Elizabeth. P.M 2.08.2013
    Effectiveness of Employees Stock Option Plan in Banking Sector in Kerala Anitha Thomas 2.08.2013
    The Study on Service Quality and Customer Perception of Indian Telecom Industry with Special Reference to Kerala. Girish M.C 2.08.2013
    Study on Perception and Awareness of MSME about Innovative Financial Derivatives-Currency Futures.
    Kanmony Varghese 1-1-2015
    Dr. Venugopalan K.V. Performance Evaluation of Urban Cooperative Banks in Kerala Lt. Siji M.U 30.12.2013
    A Study on Attrition and Retention of Employees in Software Industry in Kerala Teena C. Sasi 26.07.2013
    CRM Practices in the Insurance Industry – A Comparative Study of Private and Public Sector Life Insurance Companies in Kerala Suneera P. A. 26.07.2013
    Consumer Grievances Redressal Practices in the Public and Private Insurance Companies in Kerala Ramya K.P 26.07.2013
    Quality of Work life of Employees in the Seafood Industry of Kerala Cecily ShibiNetto 02.04.2013
    CRM Practices in Banking Industry in Kerala Rameena K.A 26.07.2013
    Tourism Industry in Kerala Shaji E.V 29.05.2014
    Dr. Santha S. Male and Female Self Help Groups in Kerala- A Comparative Study Deepa K. Gopalan 08-07-2013
    Entrepreneurial Performance among Women Micro Entrepreneurs in Kerala Shahija V.A. 09-07-2013
    Empowerment of Women Workers through MGNREP-A Study of Kerala Experience SefiyaK.M. 02-12-2013
    A Study on Micro Entrepreneurs in Kerala Jini Thomas 30-12-2013
    Human Resource Management in the Co-operative Banking Sector in Kerala Anumol S.D. 30-12-2013
    Performance Evaluation of Public and Private Sector Mutual Funds in India Susan Bincy Andrews 30-12-2013
    Work Conditions of Women Employees in the BPO Sector in Kerala Simi K. Bose 30-12-2013
    Dr. Santhosh Kumar S. Rural Employment Schemes and Rural Development- A Study with Special Reference to Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in Kerala. Helaney M.Y (Ph.D. Awarded) 1-12-2011
    Micro Insurance and Financial Inclusion: A Study with Special Reference to Kerala Susheel M.A. 04.06.2012
    Performance Management Practices of Public and Private Sector Companies in Kerala HaripriyaB.B. 12.06.2012
    Financial Performance Evaluation of Cochin Port Trust Sreeja K. 19.06.2012
    Infrastructure Financing in Kerala: A Study with Special Reference to HUDCO PresteenaJesna M. Jose 1.04.2013
    Stock Price and Volume Movements Around Merger and Acquisition Operations in Pharmaceutical Industry in India Leril James 20.07.2013
    Leverage Analysis of Selected Manufacturing Industries in India Eldhose K.V. 12.11.2013
    Capital Structure Analysis of Indian Automobile Industry Bindu C 05.06.2012
    Corporate Social Responsibility Practices Among Large and Medium Companies in Kerala Usman A.K. 03.07.2014

Board of Studies

Dr. Helaney M.Y is the Chairperson of UG Board of Studies of MG University.

Subject Experts in different Inspection Commissions for Assessing the Infrastructural and Instructional Facilities.

  • Dr. Helaney M.Y.
  • Dr. Reji M. A.
  • Dr Venugopalan K .V.
  • Dr. John K. Mathew.

Seminars/Conferences/Workshops conducted

Sl.No Activity Name National/International/ Regional Date & Year Source of Fund Amount (Rs.)
1 Conference Global Financial Crisis and Indian Economy National 6-7 Aug 2009 UGC 60000
2 Workshop Research Methods and Process in Social Science Regional 17th Dec 2010 Own Fund 14000
3 Workshop Secondary Data Access through Internet Regional 24th March 2012 Own Fund 16000
4 Workshop Research Problem Formulation in Social Science &Data Analysis through SPSS Regional 5-7 Nov 2012. Career Guidance Cell and SPSS Bangalore -
5 Workshop Research Paper writing and Publication Regional 31st July 2013 College, Trust 14800
6 Conference Foreign Direct Investment in India: Opportunities and challenges National 30-31 Jan 2014 UGC
and Alumnae
Alumnae – 50,000

Publications by faculty during the 3rd cycle of accreditation

Sl.No. Name of Faculty Publications Total
International National Conference Proceedings
1 Dr. Helaney M.Y. - 5 2 7
2 Dr. Reji M.A. 3 12 3 18
3 Dr. Venugopalan K.V 2 16 - 18
4 Dr. Santha S. 9 5 4 18
5 Dr. Santhosh Kumar S. 3 28 13 44
6 Dr. John K. Mathew - 1 - 1
7 Sri. Mathew Jacob - 2 - 2
8 Dr. SreejaSukumar K. 1 5 4 10
Total 18 70 26 118

Extension Activities

  • Financial literacy training was given for the members of the self-help groups in Aikkaranadu Gram Panchayat during 2013.

  • A lecture on ‘Managing your Personal finance’ was delivered by Dr. V.K. Vijayakumar (Investment strategist, GeogitBNP Paribas Financial Service Ltd.) for the public and the students on 16th Feb. 2013.

Pallia Club

From 2013 onwards, the PalliaClub has been conducting its palliative care activities in association with Anwar Memorial Hospital, Aluva and the Primary Health Centre, Kadayiruppu.

  1. Every Saturday two volunteers each accompany the home care teams of the Pain and Palliative Care Unit of these hospitals and engage in palliative care services.
  2. The Pallia Club donated the collected through the charity box kept in the Department to the Pain and Palliative Care Society, Anwar Memorial hospital, Aluva.
  3. The members of the Pallia Club distributed food packets to twenty in-patients and their bystanders in the Government Hospital, Kadayiruppu, on 28-06-2014.
  4. The Pallia Club members visited Kripalayam, a home for the destitute, especially for people with psychiatric problems, at Kizhakkambalam. The members presented cultural programmes, took up the cleaning of the premises and beddings of the patients, trimmed their nails and combed their hair. The Club members planted medicinal and ornamental plants in the premises. Those inmates who were able to travel were taken for an outing to the ‘Kadambrayar Eco Tourist Centre’, Pallikkara and nearby places to cheer up their body and spirit.
  5. Every month, the Club provides medicine, rice and groceries to four families adopted by the club who have bedridden patients. They also provide mouthwash to Cancer patients which are purchased by collecting funds from the campus.
  6. The Club provided a wheelchair to Smt. Rema, a chronic paralytic patient, residing in a nearby hamlet, Kinginimattam, in order to ease the misery of her life to a large extent.
  7. Under the Maitreya scheme, the Department has commenced a novel programme in 2014, for imparting training on tailoring classes for three housewives chosen from poor households identified by the Palliative Care Unit of the Department.

Tailoring Class- a project of Maitreya Pallia Club Inauguration


An innovative venture started in the Department in the academic year, 2013-14, is the Young Indians Net of the Confederation of Indian Industries (Yi YUVA), which aims for overall personality and skill development of the students. The College has signed an MOU with Yi (YUVA) - Kochi Chapter.

  • Mrithasanjyivani is a project initiated by the Yi members of St. Peter’s College, Kolenchery, Ernakulam for providing medicines free of cost to the weaker sections of the society. The project aims at collecting the leftover medicines from the students on a regular basis and by associating with the Pain and Palliative Care Units of the Primary Health Centers/ Govt. hospitals, these medicines can be channelized to the needy poor. This initiative of the Yi (Yuva) in association with Pallia Club, the Pain and Palliative care club of the Department of Commerce has been successfully implemented during the year 2014-15. The Unit collected usable but unused medicines from students of the college to be distributed among the patients adopted by the Pallia Club, patients assisted by the Palliative Care Unit of the Primary Health Centre, Kadayiruppu and Anwar Memorial Hospital, Aluva. The quality of the medicines is assured by the Medical Officers of the respective hospitals. The Yi Yuva members visited each and every class in the college and requested the students to collect unused but usable medicines from their homes. The scheme was successful in collecting medicines of a total value of Rs 24600 and the members themselves categorized the medicines and handed them over to the Pallia Club. This has been selected by Yi- Kochi Chapter as the Best Project for implementation in all the member institutions in Ernakulam District during 2015-16.
  • Medicines collected under Mrithasanjivany Medicines classified
  • The members of the Yi unit collected waste paper and newspaper from different Departments and nearby institutions and realised Rs 6000/ which was handed over to the Pallia Club.
  • Four of our Yi members (Nikhil N.K, Vyshak R, Thomas K. Anil andJithin C Robin) participated in Students at Business, a programme conducted by the Yi-Kochi Chapter at the Oberon Mall, Cochin, and bagged the second prize for the Best Innovative Award 2013.
  • Medicines collected under Mrithasanjivany

Association Activities

The Department invitesits prominent alumni members and allow the students to interact with them which indeed motivate the students. The various student enrichment programmes conducted by the Department during the last five years are listed below:

  • A class on ‘Activity based costing by C.W.A. Abhilash Krishnan (M.Com 2009-’11 Batch) was conducted for the final year PG and UG students on 18th Feb. 2013.
  • A class on ‘Kinds of Company Meetings’ by C.S. Avinash P.R. (M.Com 2009-’11 Batch) was conducted for the First year B.Com students on 18th Feb. 2013.
  • A seminar on ‘Forms of Business Organisations-Recent Developments’ by Sri. C.S. Balasubrahmanian N. (Directus Consultants Private Ltd.) was arranged on 19th Feb.,2013.On the same day a class on ‘Company Law- a bird’s eye view’ by C.S. Vijay S. (M.Com 1995-’97 Batch) (Directus Consultants Private Ltd.) was also held.
  • To motivate and develop entrepreneurial skill, Sri Jacob Joy (M.D., J.J. Confectioneries and our alumni in the B.Com. 1990-’93 Batch) was invited andan interactive session was arranged on 4thMarch 2013.
  • One day workshop on ‘Research Paper Preparation and Publication’ was conducted on 31st July, 2013. Dr. Gabriel Simon Thattil, Professor, Department of Commerce, University of Kerala, delivered the lecture on the topic. The faculty, research fellows and students participated in the workshop.
  • Training in online trading in the stock market was provided to the students of fourth Semester B.Com and students of the College who have taken ‘Capital Market and Investment Management’ as their open course. The training is given every yearby an Alumnus of the Department, Sri Kurian Joy.
  • The Department organized a talk ‘FINPRO Employability &Opportunities for Commerce Students’, on 14th Feb. 2014. The talk focused on motivation cum attitudinal change for enhancing employability and was delivered by Sri. Praveen Kamath, Human Resources Manager, Wipro. An interactive session with Sri. PradeepNambiar, Uriglecy, Middle East & North, Africa and Dubai, followed the session.
  • The PG students of the Department (Nikhil N.K, Varghese Joy and Rahul R. Menon) organized an orientation programme, ‘Empowering the Youth’ for the Plus two Commerce students of the SNDP Public School, Tripunithura.
  • Friday Grill, a quiz programme is conducted by each class on every Friday at noon interval in the Department.
  • Monday Riddle, a brainteaser steered by the Department where all the students in the College can answer to a question set on every Monday. The Department provides a drop box for the answers, where the students deposit their answers. Prizes are given away for the correct answers and where there is more number of correct answers, the Department resorts to a lottery method.
  • Conducted an innovative health awareness and personality development programme on 26September, 2014 where Mr. K.M Thomas helped the students and faculty to experience the benefits of Laughter Yoga.


  • The Department library has a collection of 2382 books and subscribes for 15 journals.
  • Internet facility is provided for students as well as faculty members. There are 16 desktops and 3 laptops in the Department. The Department has a separateWi-Fiinternet connection inaddition to the internet facilities provided by the College.
  • One of the classrooms is a smart class and in all other classes LCD/OHP is used for class delivery. It is mandatory for the PG students to present their seminar with the help of Power Point Presentations and the UG students are also encouraged to make use of LCD/OHP.
  • The Department has a well maintained computer lab with ten desktops having internet connection

Image Gallery

National Conference on Foreign Direct Investment in India Opportunities and Challenges inaugurated by Dr. M. C Dileep Kumar Release of Conference proceedings by Prof. (Dr.) Sunil P. Mani Mr. C.J George (M.D Geojith PNB Paribas) Moderating a Session in National Conference Computer Lab Research Centre Release of Commerce Spectrumby Dr. Sheena Shukkoor Seminar on research methods and process in social science Research Centre in Commerce inaugurated by Prof (Dr) Rajan Gurukkal International Conference on Innovations in Business and Finance organized by Commerce Association of Kerala in association with P.G & Research Department of Commerce St. Peter's College, Kolenchery. on 29-30 May 2015 at St. Peter's College, Kolenchery. Panel Discussion during ICEID 2016 at St. Peter's College on January 8th 2016. Panel Discussion during ICEID 2016 at St. Peter's College on January 8th 2016. Panel Discussion during ICEID 2016 at St. Peter's College on January 8th 2016. The photo of the intercollegiate M.Com project fest for K.I. Mathew ever rolling Trophy and cash award sponsored by fist batch students, 1981-84 batch The photo of the intercollegiate M.Com project fest for K.I. Mathew ever rolling Trophy and cash award sponsored by fist batch students, 1981-84 batch The photo of the intercollegiate M.Com project fest for K.I. Mathew ever rolling Trophy and cash award sponsored by fist batch students, 1981-84 batch Dr. Perry Hobson Pro. Vice Chancellor of Taylors University Inaugurates the International Conference on Entrepreneurship Innovation and Development on January 8-9, 2016. Dr. Perry Hobson Pro. Vice Chancellor of Taylors University Inaugurates the International Conference on Entrepreneurship Innovation and Development on January 8-9, 2016. Dr. Perry Hobson Pro. Vice Chancellor of Taylors University Inaugurates the International Conference on Entrepreneurship Innovation and Development on January 8-9, 2016.