Department of Economics
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The Department was established in 1964 with Pre Degree Batches. Started B.A. Degree in 1967.

Programmes offered

  • B. A. Economics

Open Course Selected

  • Foundations of Environmental Economics


  • Dr. Gigi Elias, MA, B.Ed.(HOD)
  • Assistant Professor 1996-08-12
  • Retired on 31-03-1982 1982-06-01
  • Prof.Elizabeth Koruth
  • Retired on 31-03-2001 1971-06-01
  • Prof.Baby John.T
  • Retired on 31-03-2000 1969-06-02
  • Prof.V.P.Varghese
  • Retired on 31-03-1996 1969-06-02
  • Prof.T.A.Paul
  • Retired on 31-03-1994 1964-07-08
  • Prof.K.P.Paulose
  • Retired on 31-03-1989........ (D) 1964-07-08
  • Prof.P.T.Thomas
  • Retired on 31-03-1980 1964-07-07
  • Prof.K.C.Peter
  • Principal(Rtd)..........(D) 1971-06-01
  • Smt. Renu Susan Samuel, MA, B.Ed
  • Assistant Professor 2013-01-01
  • Smt. Piya Mathew, MA
  • Assistant Professor 2010-12-20
  • Prof.V.K.George
  • Retired on 30-04-2012 1983-06-01

Prof. K. C. Peter (Principal) 1971-73 D
Prof. P.T. Thomas 1964-80 0484-2731124
Prof. K.P. Paulose 1964-89 D
Prof. T. A. Paul 1964-94 9895100877
Prof. V.P. Varghese 1969-96 :9446558789
Prof. Baby John T. 1969-2000 9387605225
Prof. Elizabeth Koruth 1971-2001 8547490810
Prof. George K. Issac 1982-2010 9447460511
Prof. V.K. George 1983-2012 9496339144


List of Publications during the 3rd Cycle of Accreditation

SL.NO Name of Faculty Publications Total
International National Conference
1 Dr. Gigi Elias   2   2
2 Smt. Renu Susan Samuel   2   2
Total   4   4

Extension Activities

  1. Maitreya

    • A visit was organized by the students to Mother Care Rehabilitation Centre, Vadayampady, Kolenchery on 9-01-2015 and handed over a small collection and educational toys to them.
    • The Department took an initiative to lend a helping hand to Nimi P.P. of 1stB.A. Economics who had to undergo an emergency surgery on 11-03-2015 at the Amrita Hospital, Edappally.
    • The staff and students of the Department also extended a helping hand to Abdul Salam of IInd B.Sc. Mathematics, who was seriously injured in an accident.
    Students at the Mother Care Rehabilitation Centre, Vadayampady

Association Activities

  • A talk on ‘Economics and Future Prospects by Sri. Benny Mathew Employment Officer, Muvattupuzha zone was arranged on 1st Sept. 2014.
  • ‘Environmental Protection- Ethics and Education Translated into Action’ was the topic for discussion on 4th March 2013 and Mr.Chinnan T. Pynadath, famous environmentalist and social activist was the external expert on the occasion.
  • Smt. Lovely James, Chief Manager, Federal Bank, Kolenchery delivered a talk on Banking Sector and Financial Inclusion on 10th September 2013.


  • The Department library has a collection of 300 books.
  • Internet facility is provided to the staff and the students.
  • The final year class room in the Department is a smart room and in the second year classroom LCD facility is available.

Image Gallery

A three-day workshop on Sustainable Environment and Economic Development at Thattekad.