Department of Mathematics
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  • The Department was established in 1964.
  • Started B.Sc. Degree in 1967.
  • Post graduate course in Mathematics was sanctioned in 1984.
  • The Department was approved as a Research Centre under the MG University in 2012.

Programmes Offered

  • B.Sc. Mathematics
  • M.Sc. Mathematics
  • Coursework for the Ph.D. Programme.

Open Course Offered

  • Applicable Mathematics


List of Retired Faculty

Prof. K.K.George (Principal) 1964-87 D
Prof. C.T. Paulose 1968-94 9495518731
Prof. M.K.Mani (Principal in charge) 1965-97 9447815771
Prof. M.Yacob 1969-98 D
Prof.K.A.Molly 1969-2001 9495506847
Prof.K.I.Ittiachan 1969-2002 04842304448
Prof.Omana Varghese 1970-2002 9446490808
Dr.MercyK.Jacob 1985-2006 9446353762
Prof.A.N. Narayanan Elayath 1978-2008 9446741587

Research Projects Undertaken

Minor Projects

Sl.No Name of Project Name of Faculty Funding Agency Grants Received (Rs) Status
1 Stochastic Inventory with Reneging &Retrial of Customers Dr.K.P.Jose UGC 1.9 Lakh Completed


  1. Research Guides

    • Dr. Thampy Abraham
    • Dr. K.P.Jose

  2. Details of research

  3. Sl.NO. Name of the Guide Topic of Research Names of Scholars Date of Joining the Centre
    1 Dr. K.P. Jose A study on retrial inventory systems Salini S. Nair 29-01-2014
    2 Stochastic inventory with retrials Rejitha K.R. 29-01-2014
    3 Analysis of some production inventory system with retrials Beena P. 17-12-2014
    4 Stochastic inventory systems with reneging Thresiamma N.J. 17-12-2014

Dr. K.P. Jose- Subject Expert in different Inspection Commissions for Assessing the Infrastructural and Instructional Facilities.


  1. International

  2. Sl.NO. Name Funding Agency Date
    1 Stochastic Finance, Markov Chains
    and Fuzzy Medical Diagnosis
    St.Peter’s College Trust 10th Feb. 2011
    2 Stochastic modelling and Neural Fuzzy systems St.Peter’s College Trust 7th Jan. 2013
    3 Applied Probability,Graph Theory &Fuzzy Mathematics DST, KSCSTE 11-14th Jan. 2014
    4 Queues and Graphs St.Peter’s College Trust 2015

  3. National

  4. Sl. No. Name Funding Agency Date
    1 Stochastic Finance, Fuzzy decision theory UGC 15-17th March,

  5. Regional

  6. SL.NO. Name Funding Agency Date
    1 Chaos and Fuzzy Mathematics St.Peter’s College Trust 21st Feb. 2009
    2 Matrix Analytic Method & Fuzzy Decision Theory St.Peter’s College Trust 25th Feb. 2010


List of Publications during the 3rd Cycle of Accreditation

SL.NO. Name of Faculty Publications Total
International National Conference Proceedings
1 Dr. Thampy Abraham 5     5
2 Dr. Raji George 6 1 1 8
3 Dr. Annie Varghese 4   1 5
4 Dr. K. P. Jose 6     6
5 Anu V.     1 1
1 Manju Cherian 3     3
Total 24 1 3 28

Academic Excellence

SL.NO. Name Programme Rank Year
1 Jaya Paul MSc Mathematics I 2002
2 Divya V. MSc Mathematics II 2007
3 Soumya M.Mohan MSc Mathematics VII 2011

Extension Activities

  1. Under Maitreya scheme

  2. Rs- 41,310 wasraised by students and faculty of the Department the amount of which is used to help deserving students.The beneficiaries of this programme during the year 2014-15 are as follows

    • Ajay P. John ( II B. A. Politics)
    • Reshma K.R. (III B.Sc. Mathematics)
    • Dhanya P.S.(III B.Sc. Mathematics)
    • Amal Mohanan (II B.Sc. Mathematics)
    • Keerthi E.A. (II B.Sc. Mathematics)
    • Nimi P.P. ( I B.A. Economics)
    • Abdul Salam P.M.C. (II B.Sc. Mathematics )
    • Abdul Salam P.M.C. (II B.Sc. Mathematics )
  3. Noon meal / Charity programme

  4. Funds are raised quarterly from among the students in rotation. Students of various classes visit orphanages accompanied by their tutors in charge, handover the collected amount and interact with the inmates.

Association Activities

  • Ganitham Haritham – A joint venture of the students and teachers of the Department to promote organic farming.
  • Motivation class for P.G students by Mr. Didimose K.V, Asst. Professor,and S.H College Thevara wasorganised on 29-10-2014.
  • Conducted a Mathematics exhibition programme ‘Learn 50- Earn 50’ in Feb. 2015.
  • Releasedannual manuscript ‘A Journey to Infinity'.


  • The Department library has a collection of 400books and subscribes for 10 journals.
  • Internet facility is provided for the staff & students of the Department.
  • The Dept. has 21 computers & 4 printers.

Image Gallery

International Seminar on ‘Stochastic Modelling & Neural Fuzzy system’ 2013 Delegates of International Conference on ‘Advances in Applied Probability, Graph Theory and Fuzzy Mathematics 2014 International Seminar on Queues and Graphs 2015 Research centre Mathematics Exhibition –Learn 50 Earn 50 Mathematics Exhibition –Learn 50 Earn 50 “Ganitham Haritham” A Joint Venture of Students & Faculty Visit to Prathyasha Bhavan Release of ‘A journey to infinity’