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Dr.K.S Gracy
Assistant Professor

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Teaching Experience :
12 Years

Education Qualification

Sl. No. Education Qualification University/Board Year of Passing
1 Ph.D -Mahatma Gandhi University 2015

Published papers in Journals

Sl. No. Title with page Nos. Issue, Volume Name of the Journal ISSN/ISBN No Whether peer reviewed Impact factor, if any No.of co-authors Whether you are the main author
1 The Contribution of Arnos Padiri in the Malayalam Bhakthi Literature Malayalam Research Journal ISSN-0974-1984RN1 None 0 True
2 Missionaries and cultural reawakening in Kerala Bharathmatha Multidisciplinary Journal ISSN-2348-3571 None 0 True
3 Legacy of Portuguese in Kerala culture and Literaturewaswritten in the book named New Thoughts edited by George Abraham PhD, Ambadi Publishers None None 0 True
4 Calligraphy writings of 17th and 18th centuries with special reference to Fr .Johannes Ernest Hanxeledan alias Arnos Padiri MCC Journal for Language and Social Science None None 0 True
5 ArnosPadiri- NavothanaNayakan (Malayalam) Arnos Padiri- MalayalaSahithyathileMahamaneeshi edited by Peter Kannampuzha None None 0 True
6 Receding Ritual Arts of Kerala Panoptical Perspectives 978-81-933616-2-7 None 0 True

Papers presented in Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops

Sl. No. Title of the paper presented Title of conference/Seminar Organized by Whether International/State/Regional/College or University
1 The Role of Fr,John Ernest Hanxledan in the Indigenaisation of Church ,The South Indian History Congress proceedings organised by-South Indian History Congress, Kerala University, Trivandrum International
2 Velur- Psalms of three centuries The seminar proceedings , Sree Sankara College, Kalady Sree Sankara College, Kalady, History Department National
3 Channars –The Voice of Subalterns in Kerala - the seminar proceedings , History Department, St. Peters College, Kolenchery National
4 The literary piece PuthanPana Jesuit Voice; Issue No. 88 organised by Arnos Padiri Academy, Velur State
5 CharithramMarannathu(The Forgotten History) in the Magazine, Manushi - State
6 A chapter titled Legacy of Portuguese in Kerala culture and Literaturewaswritten New Thoughts - -
7 An article on Samskarikaannuropanamsahithyapreashithathwathiloode (Cultural synthesis through literary mission) published in the magazine, Arnnavam - -
8 A historical note on Arnos Padiriwas Magazine, Kathir - -
9 An article on Friendship forever Pallikkutam the Magazine of Rajagiri College - -
10 An article on ArnosPadiri- NavothanaNayakan (Malayalam) Arnos Padiri- MalayalaSahithyathileMahamaneeshi LiturgicalResearch Centre of the, SYRO-Malabar Church, St. ThomasMount,Kakkanadu -
11 Receding Ritual Arts of Kerala Panoptical Perspectives - -