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Dr. Dileesh S.
Assistant Professor

Email Id :

Qualification :
M. Sc. Ph D., PDF, JRF-NET

Teaching Experience :
15 Years

Education Qualification

Sl. No. Education Qualification University/Board Year of Passing
1 Ph D in Chemistry(Photochemistry) NIIST(CSIR) Trivandrum, University of Kerala 2002
2 M. Sc. Chemistry M.G. University, Kottyam 1996
3 CSIR-JRF-NET - 1996
4 PDF Universite Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg France Pharmacologie et Physico-Chemie des Interactions Cellulaires et Moleculaires, Universite Louis Pasteur de Strasbourg, France 2003
5 Understanding Open Educational Resources organized by on 17th April 2020. Common Wealth of Learning (CANADA) 7th April 2020

Seminar Attended

Sl. No. Topic Type Role Date Place
1 Talent Hunt-Sastrajalakam programme organized by SIET and St. Peter’s College, Kolenchery State Resource Person 23rd November 2018 St.Peter's College, Kolenchery
2 Kerala: Culture, History, Literature and Politics” organized by Department of Political Science,St. Peter’s College, Kolenchery National Resource Person 14th January 2018 St. Peter's College Kolenchery
3 World Science day for Peace and Development organized by Department of Chemistry, St. Peter’s College, Kolenchery in association with KSCSTE, Kerala State Resource Person 9th November 2017 St. Peter's College Kolenchery
4 Sustainable Innovations in Green Chemistry and New Technological Developments (ICSIG-2018) International Resource Person 11th and 12thDecember 2018 Maharaja’s College, Ernakulum, Kerala, India.
5 Fundamentals of photchemistry organized by Department of Chemistry, Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha, Ernakulam, Kerala College Resource Person 20th September 2007 Nirmala College Muvattupuzha

Published papers in Journals

Sl. No. Title with page Nos. Issue, Volume Name of the Journal ISSN/ISBN No Whether peer reviewed Impact factor, if any No.of co-authors Whether you are the main author
1 Determination of the age of Guava from the Oxalate Ion and Ascorbic Acid contents and the determination of the rate of change of Oxalate Ion and Ascorbic Acid contents with respect to the age of Guava Research Chem. 10(5),657-659 0974-4169(Print) 0974-4150(online) 0 3 True
2 Determination of the Ratio of Radical Ion Yields From the Singlet and Triplet Excited State Reactions of 4-Methyl-4-Aza-8, 12-Dioxatriangulenium Cation with Anthracene Science & Society 15(1)67-70 0973-0206. 0 0 True
3 A Comparative Study of the Rate ofRancidity of Coconut Oil and Butter Science & Society 14(1),65-70, 0973-0206 0 3 True
4 Synthesis of Para Red and the determination of the molar extinction coefficient at λ max by uv-visible absorption studies St. Peter's Journal Of Multi-Disciplinary studies (online Journal) Vol(1) Issue (1) 2455-5622 0 3 True
5 "Cryotherapy": An Emerging Area in Medicine Science India, No.17(5) page 11-14 0972-8287 0 0 True
6 Determination of Lactose, casein and Fat contents in different Types of milk: A Compartive Study Xavierian Research Journal Vol(1) No. (2) 2321-0214 0 3 True
7 Determination of Saponification, Acid and Ester Values; Percentage of Free Fatty Acids and Glycerol in some Selected edible oils: Calculation of concentration of Lye needed to Prepare soap from These Oils Research Scholar, Vol. 3, No. 3, pp,220-224 2249-6696 0 3 True
8 Determination of quantum yield of photoinduced electron transfer reaction of 4-methyl-4-aza-8,12-dioxatriangulenium cation with anthracene using laser flash photolysis studies Vijnana Prabha, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp 17-20., 2231-3214 0 0 True
9 Determination of the Association Constant for the Ground State Complex formation of Trioxatriangulenium Cation With Guanosine and its Interaction with Calf Thymus DNA using Photophysical Techniques Science & Society ,c10(1), 27-32 0973-0206. 0 0 True
10 Nitric Oxide: More a hero than a villain Science India,15(1),18-19 0972-8287 0 0 True
11 The Methods Used for Determining the Excited State Singlet and Triplet QuantumYields of the Highly Stable Trioxatriangulenium cation Science & Society ,9(1), 23-28 0973-0206. 0 0 True
12 The Photoinduced Electron Transfer Reaction: From the Excited State Anthracene to the Ground State Trioxatriangulenium cation Science & Society, 5(2), 153-160 0973-0206. 0 0 True
13 Influence of molecular shape on magnetic field effect on photo-induced geminate radical pair in SDS micelles M. Chowdhury, Res. Chem. Intermed, 1-3 p 7-17 0922-6168 (Print) 1568-5675 (Online) 2.064 3 True
14 Photoinduced electron transfer in azatriangulenium salts J. Photochem. Photobiol. A. Chemistry, 162, 115-120, 1010-6030 3.261 1 True
15 Photophysical and electron transfer studies of a stable carbocation Chem. Phys. Lett, 330, 397-402 0009-2614 2.029 0 True
16 Eco-labellinginte prasakthi Jalatharangam(KRPC), 21(2), June, 18 None None 0 True
17 Chila Urumbu Visheshangal Jalatharangam(KRPC),16-17(1-2)June,20-21 None None 0 True
18 Role of Tropical Trees in Sustaining Biodiversity: Banyan[Peral] and Pipal[Arayal] Trees Tree India, 29/4 April,12-13 None None 0 True
19 Seethala paneeyagalile bezeenum athinte dosha vashangalum Jalatharangam(KRPC), 13(4), December. 18-19 None None 0 True
20 Green Computing : A Possible remedy for E-pollution Jalatharangam(KRPC), 12(3),September, 33-34 None None 0 True

Papers presented in Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops

Sl. No. Title of the paper presented Title of conference/Seminar Organized by Whether International/State/Regional/College or University
1 Understanding Chemistry as a part of our life Talent Hunt-Sastrajalakam programme SIET and St. Peter’s College, Kolenchery State
2 Ancient Kerala and Science” in two day national seminar, Kerala: Culture, History, Literature and Politics Department of Political Science,St. Peter’s College, Kolenchery Department of Political Science,St. Peter’s College State
3 Chemical War and Role of OPCW in maintaining Peace of the Society World Science day for Peace and Development Department of Chemistry, St. Peter’s College, Kolenchery in association with KSCSTE, Kerala State
4 Delivered a talk on Photochemistry on behalf of Chemistry Association Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha College

Ongoing/Completed Research Projects and Consultancies

Sl. No. Title Agency Period Grant/Amount Mobilizes (Rs Lakhs)
1 Minor Research Project(Completed) UGC 2013-2016 1,01000


Sl. No. Book & Chapters Page No Name Of Publisher Published Year Publication Type
1 Authored a Chapter entitled,Ancient Kerla and Science in the bookPanoptical Perspectives, Traditional Knowledge, Culture and Civil Society 2019 National