Entrepreneurship Development Club

EDC aims at developing entrepreneurial culture among younger generation, and to change their negative attitude towards the business and industry. It works as a platform for bringing in successful entrepreneurs to the modern dynamic business world.

Nature Club

Nature club provides a platform for creating awareness among the students, teachers and the public at large about the important of environmental protection.

Oratory Club

The Oratory Club of the College conducts classes regularly for developing the public speaking skills of the students. The club organizes competitions and debates focusing on the improvement of communicative ability.

Tourism Club

The Department of Tourism runs the Tourism club of the College on the support and guidelines issued by the District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC). The main objective of Tourism club is to make the younger generation participate in the developmental activities of tourism.

Quiz Club

The quiz club aims at developing a healthy competitive spirit among the students of different classes in the colleges. It conducts a wide of programmes like debates, inter collegiate Quiz context etc.

Energy Conservation Club

“Encon Club” aims at practicing energy conservation and environmental protection measures and encouraging youth to convert ideas of conservation in to practices.

Music Club

The club formed to enhance the musical talents in students by giving guidance and coaching. The club arranges training class in both classical and modern musical club.

Drama club

The drama club of the college aims at developing creative talents in students, particularly in promoting the stage.

Adventure Club

The adventure club is expected to inculcate a spirit of adventure among the youth by organizing expeditions, trekking, mountaineering etc.

Science Forum

The science forum is an association of the students of different branches of science. It aims at creating an aptitude for scientific experiments, observations and researches among the students.

Creative Writer’s Forum

To encourage the new buds having literary taste, the Creative Writer’s forum (Rain bow) is formed. The members of the Forum meet once in a week and present their literary creations.

Book Lovers Club

This literary club aims at the promotion of reading habit among the students. The members of the club meet regularly, and discuss the books recently published or read.

Film Club

Film Club aims at developing creative criticism on films. The Club organizes film shows, film festivals, discussions and debates on the modern trends in movies.

Redribbon Club

The Red Ribbon is an awareness ribbon used as the symbol for the prevention of drunk driving and a solidarity of people living with HIV\ AIDS. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India has established Red Ribbon Clubs in colleges and Universities to generate awareness regarding HIV / AIDS and to promote voluntary Blood Donation and there by ensure safe blood. Red Ribbon Club was started in the academic year 2013-14.