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Institution Policy of NISP

National Innovation and Startup-Policy

Kerala Startup Policy

The National Innovation and Startup policy 2019 for students and faculty of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) will enable the institutes to actively engage students, faculties and staff in innovation and entrepreneurship related activities.

Objective of the Innovation and Startup Policy

The objective of NISP is to enable the faculty, Staff and Students of the St.Peter’s College, Kolenchery, to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship activities and encourage them to consider entrepreneurship and startup as a career option.


List of NISP Committee Members:

President : Dr. Shaju Varghese, Principal
Entrepreneur : Dr. Viju Jacob
Alumni : Alias K Peter
NISP Coordinator : Dr. Bincy Baby

Dr. Sindhu T I

Dr. Gracy K S

Dr. Sona S Dev

Dr. Renu Susan Samuel

Ms. Soumya Kuriakose

Dr. Basil B Mathew

Ms. Ambily Chacko

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District Kerala, India.

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