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POLYGON is an International Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies of St. Peter's College Kolenchery, Kerala, India. It is envisioned as a platform for exchange of opinions, perspectives and information born of critical thinking and promotes constructive, insightful and creative studies. Hence, the aim is to publish scholarly inputs developed from academic research, which would address all areas of human activity and epistemic intercourse including topics of immediate import. In consonance with its thematic concerns, it advocates and seeks to promote a plural space characterised by richness of subject matter and eclectic methodology. This, it believes, will help substantially resist intellectual complacency, which affects human thought from time to time, and foster novelty of outlook in a postcolonial environment. It thus seeks to review, revise and alter exclusive worldviews supplied by grand and master narratives and canonical discourses as also refresh the sites of cultural wisdom, which would possibly serve to inform and enrich regnant models of human knowledge. We welcome well-researched, theoretically grounded scholarly works including papers, conceptual essays, policy analysis, book reviews and critical comments from academicians and research scholars from language and literature, social sciences, business studies, mathematics and computational sciences, chemical, physical and biological sciences, education, information and communication studies. Authors are expected to display high standards of scientific inquiry and academic integrity in their scholarly work.