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    To head a centre of education is as much a pleasure as a challenge. A pleasure it is, for it is the Principal’s privilege to oversee and co-ordinate the activities of a space where present is moulded into future. A challenge it is, too, as it is a responsibility as well, and an enormous one, to ensure that everything on the campus is oriented toward the noble goal of bringing out the best in human personality, which education is about. Only then will the centre of education gradually, yet steadily, metamorphose into a centre of excellence.

    As the Principal of St. Peter’s College, I am happy to shoulder the weight of this privilege and responsibility. I understand that the college is a place where the process is as important as its products, and calls for alertness and maturity in administration. I humbly realise that I am the custodian of the quality and efficiency of all the constituent elements of my college and, therefore, must live up to the standards that I need to set myself. Experience tells me that academic life comprises curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular dimensions. Only a happy combination of the threesome would enrich the campus experience. I am pleased to wholeheartedly strive to make this ideal a reality. In view of this, at least two things seem to me as imperative: the need of the faculty to retain the fragrance of freshness and the immunity of experience for ever, and the need of the supporting office wing to upgrade its competence and performance in time. The onus is on me, and I feel certain that I will be part of our forward march to progress and success, ably backed by the synergy of excellent teamwork, the speciality of our college.

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