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St.Peter’s college Library

The St.Peter’s college Library was established in the year 1965. Every college library has an important role in the general educational development of every staff and students of its parental organization. Like that, this library can also be considered as the academic center of St.Peter’s College, Kolenchery.Library is spacious and well designed, unique in collection and construction.

Best User Award

To motivate the students and staff to make the efficient use of the library system and its services, the Best Library User Award’ has been started from 2013-14 Academic year. Each member from student and staff category are selected on the basis of the statistical data from SOUL(Library Software), statistical data from Visitor's Register, reading aptitude of the student, utilization of other library resources, discipline and the review of the scrutiny committee.

STPC Library Updates

Library conducts an Orientation programs for the new comers to make awareness about the collections and services of our college library in beginning of every academic year. This is our basic Information Literacy program for our college students.

Membership Information / Digital Library

Library Membership is open to the teachers, students, non-teaching staff and the retired staff of the College. Membership to any other category of users can be given only with the approval of the Library Advisory Committee.

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